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Rap Artist
Rap Artist

Uyalunaq supports the empowerment and creativity of young people through workshops, guided conversations and traditional Alaskan Native activities.  Uyalunaq infuses Iñupiaq-ness into spaces with the hopes of healing audiences and inspiring them to remember who they are and what they must do next.  

What Our Clients Say

Why Choose Us

Allison infuses a sense of FUN!

Allison infuses a sense of fun into everything she does.  Her enthusiasm and passion for the work that she does is contagious.  She loves helping people to lighten up, laugh and enjoy being entertained!  Elders tend to love her, young people love her and she loves making new friends!  She is sure to bring a sense of joy to your event! 

She's a Professional!

Allison will be there for your event, rain or shine!